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3D Metalforge Partners Ultimaker to Launch SEA's Largest Industrial FFF Print Facility In Singapore

3D Metalforge Partners Ultimaker to Launch SEA's Largest Industrial FFF Print Facility In Singapore

3D Metalforge Partners Ultimaker to Launch SEA’s Largest Industrial FFF Print Facility In Singapore

Ultimaker and Metalforge has partnered for the launch of Southeast Asia’s largest industrial FFF printing facility. The new facility will offer industrial-grade, fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printing from Ultimaker’s professional S-Line 3D printers, providing a complete ecosystem of certified 24/7 printers, engineering materials, 3D print fleet management and 3D print preparation software. Against the backdrop of increasing demand for 3D-printed parts, this will enable 3D Metalforge to ramp up its printing capabilities for its clients in the defence, maritime, medical, and the oil and gas industries.

The print facility, located in the western part of Singapore, comprises 21 units of Ultimaker S3 3D printers. Metalforge decided to invest in FFF 3D printers with Ultimaker, due to the latter’s partnerships with large globally operating material companies through the Material Alliance, an open platform that consists of more than 45 brands and 150+ material types. This has enabled 3D Metalforge to broaden its offerings, catering to diverse needs and requirements in different sectors.  It is currently printing various parts required for COVID-19-related projects.

3D printing which is also known as additive manufacturing (AM), is suitable for such projects as there are limitations to traditional manufacturing — the challenge of tight deadlines, and rapidly changing design parameters. Additionally, AM is more suited for high-mix, low-volume production, common factors necessitated by the changes brought on by the pandemic.

“We deal with clients from blue-chip companies that have stringent criteria on the production of end-use parts. It is thus imperative that we invest in reliable FFF 3D printers that can meet our needs and benchmarking standards”, said Mr Matthew Waterhouse, CEO of 3D Metalforge.

“Ultimaker also has an open solution that allows us to work with over 150 materials. This has enabled us to experiment and/or print with the most suitable material, depending on customers’ needs. Furthermore, I am pleased with the excellent after-sales support that I have received to date,” he added.

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