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3D Smart Solutions Largest 3D factory In Vietnam Commences Operation

Mr. Truong Tan Tong (left) – Founder and General Director of 3D Smart Solutions

3D Smart Solutions Largest 3D factory In Vietnam Commences Operation

After nearly one year of construction, installation and acceptance according to international standards, the 3D factory of 3D Smart Solutions Company (also known as 3DS) has been put into operation at address 58/6 Vo Van Hat, Long Truong Ward, Thu Duc City (aka District 9), Ho Chi Minh City.

3DS’s 3D factory has all 9 specialised functional subdivisions for a large-scale professional 3D printing factory. Specifically, there is a display area for 3D solutions, training room, 3D printing workshop – including 3 technologies: FDM, SLA, SLS, 3D scanning workshop, industrial design room, workplace, commercial warehouse, canteen and entertainment area.

In terms of machinery infrastructure, the new factory of 3D Smart Solutions has a total of 4 units of industrial 3D printers, 10 units of professional 3D printers, 2 units of industrial 3D scanners, 4 units of handheld 3D scanners and systems including CNC machining. This chain of modern machinery and equipment is imported by the company from major brands in the world such as Formlabs (USA), Eplus 3D (China), Cubicon (Korea), Shining 3D (China). ), HAAS (USA).


Besides 3D machinery and equipment, 3DS company invests in using copyrighted software such as CAD software – Solid Edge, design software for 3D printing – VoxelDance. With the system operated and controlled semi-automatically by information technology built by the company’s IT team, the output capacity of additive manufacturing reaches 250kg/month for raw production, 100kg for fine production.

In addition, the capacity of 3D inspection (3D Inspection) reaches a capacity of 3000 finished products per month and meets 2 monthly product design contracts. 3D Smart Solutions said that this factory can serve many needs in many industry groups such as: Supporting industries – B2B outsourcing (small batch production, prototyping, advertising, new product designs… ); Medical (Design and manufacture of therapeutic aids – such as for orthopedic trauma treatment, 3D printing of surgical guide troughs in dentistry; Education (production of learning models – STEM, training) creating human resources in the field of 3D technology; Architecture (Satellite processing, miniature architectural models, design and production of concrete molds with complex profiles; Fashion (Full body scanning in the modern garment industry) ); Cinema (Design and production of tools, film props).

Currently, 3D Smart Solutions 3D printers use a variety of materials for their production processes, from filament (ABS, PLA, PEEK, PA12-CF), Resin (Tough 1500, Tough 2000, Rigid 4000) , Castable wax…). 

In addition, 3D Smart Solutions is also gradually applying artificial intelligence in some processes, while complying with very strict production standards to achieve high efficiency and capacity for this line.

Specifically, in addition to the temperature and humidity for the machinery system, the preservation stage, etc., the operating process is standardised from research, analysis, 3D design, test manufacturing or mass production (small scale) to packaging and delivery all meet the strict requirements of this industry.

3D Smart Solutions’ 3D factory operation team is also selected, trained and certified by 3DS by international firms. 

Investing and putting into operation the largest 3D factory in Vietnam is a step forward in the company’s plan from the beginning.

Specifically, at the end of 2021, 3DS launched the 3Dmanufacturer online 3D printing ordering platform; Automate from quotation, online ordering, payment confirmation and production deployment. This is also the difference of 3DS compared to most other businesses that will build factories first and then automate the process.

Sharing about this big milestone, Mr. Truong Tan Tong – Founder and General Director of 3D Smart Solutions said: “With all enthusiasm and effort, from a simple 3D Technology Service Center 14 years ago, 3D Smart Solutions Brand was born and raised. Until today, 3DS we are proud to be in the Top 123 enterprises with typical products and services of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City for two consecutive years: 2019 and 2021, organized by the HCM City Business Association. In addition, 3DS also won the SME100 Fast Moving Companies Awards. This is considered the leading regional award for small and medium enterprises that has been held in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and held in Vietnam in 2020.

“With our current facilities and technical team, we are very pleased. 3D Smart Solutions confidently commits to professionalism in consulting, providing and technology transfer of 3D solution packages in Vietnam and conquers the goal of becoming the leading 3D printing factory in Southeast Asia and the dream. IPO in the next 5-7 years. In line with the company’s slogan: Be Right The First Time – Do Right The First Time”, emphasised Mr. Tong.

3D Smart Solutions (3DS) started its operations in 2009 with the name 3D Technology Service Center and so far has become the exclusive partner and distributor of American technology brands, Italy, Germany, Israel, Japan, etc. In 2019, 3D Smart Solutions 3DS was also honored to receive the title of “Top 108 typical enterprises, products and services in Ho Chi Minh City.

HCM” voted by HUBA. 3DS also won the SME100 Fast Moving Companies Awards – a leading regional award for small and medium-sized businesses that was held in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and held in Vietnam 2020.



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