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Image Source: 3D Systems

Image Source: 3D Systems

3D Systems Introduces New Metal And Dental 3D Printers

South Carolina, US: 3D Systems, a company committed to dental 3D printing, has launched two new 3D printers: one for dental applications and another for 3D printing metal. The company has deep expertise in these areas and the new printers testify to this.

An entry-level 3D printer, DMP Flex 100 is used for application development, research and development and production. Compared to the previous entry-level ProX DMP 100, the new version offers double the throughput.

The DMP Flex 100 also produces precision metal parts with thin walls, along with fine, complex details with a surface finish as fine as Ra 5 μm. With high levels of accuracy and repeatability, the printer is also designed for intricate and small components with a building volume of 100 x 100 x 80 mm.

With the ability to print with titanium and several other alloys, 3D systems is offering the LaserForm CoCr (B) and LaserForm 17-4PH (B)—which the company has developed extensive print databases for. Development for other materials to be used with this new printer is also in progress. Included with the DMP Flex 100 is also the software solution, 3DXpert by 3D Systems.

For the dental market, the company’s new DMP Dental 100 is an entry-level metal dental 3D printer. Designed for maximum price-performance ratio, it can 3D print up to 90 crown copings in fewer than four hours within a single print run—besides requiring only 25 minutes for heat treatment.

It produces high surface quality which only needs minimal post-processing, with a typical print accuracy of 50 microns—making for highly fitting crown copings, bridges and supra-structures and partial frames. This printer also comes with the LaserForm CoCr (C) materials and a software solution that helps with the manufacture of fixed and removable dental prostheses.

The DMP Dental 100 was developed with the aim of helping dental labs to reach efficient turnaround times, with higher flexibility to respond to customer needs. Amidst the increasing competitiveness in the dental 3D printing industry, such traits are sough-after among dental professionals—including accuracy and overall quality.

“3D Systems is demonstrating its commitment to bringing industrial-grade metal additive manufacturing to a wider customer base with the launch of the DMP Flex 100 and DMP Dental 100 metal 3D printers,” said Kevin McAlea, executive vice president metals and healthcare at 3D Systems.

Mr McAlea added: “Both solutions feature levels of throughput, print quality, ease of use and material choice that put them in a class by themselves. We believe these 3D printing solutions will further expand the adoption of metal additive manufacturing by designers and engineers, researchers, manufacturers and dental professionals.”

The two new 3D printing systems are currently available.

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