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Stratasys Launches Vulcan Labs To Advance Powder-Bed Fusion Technology

Texas, US: Stratasys, industrial 3D printer manufacturer spun off its 3D printing operation into an independent entity, Vulcan Labs Incorporated, based in Belton to further develop Powder-Bed Fusion (PBF) additive manufacturing on 3 April 2018.

Vulcan’s solutions are catered to meet the complex demands of end-use production applications—to overcome the typical deficiencies of productivity, quality and certification. Focusing on metals first, the company serves to improve the quality verification, repeatability, and efficiency of the PBF technology.

Built to be an independent entity to take on the qualities of a fast-moving entrepreneurial organisation, Vulcan Labs is aimed at the rapid introduction of advanced PBF-based solutions.

The new company finds roots in the 2014 acquisition of the production-based service bureau, Harvest Technologies. With this background, it currently collaborates with application partners to advance technology accessibility, and to meet the strict requirements of production-ready applications.

With a management team that includes David K. Leigh—the original founder and chief executive officer of Harvest Technologies, the company is equipped with decades of experience across practical production applications in both polymers and metals. He is also able to contribute expertise in additive manufacturing specifically compatible with end-use parts applications across industries, including aerospace, automotive, defence, and oil and gas.

Currently working towards furthering PBF platforms to reach end-use production applications, particularly metals, quality-oriented solutions are currently being developed in five areas:

  • Optimised build environments and unique multi-laser scan strategies
  • Closed loop melt pool quality control
  • Detailed Data Logging and integration to the factory floor
  • Automated powder handling and in-situ powder quality characterisation
  • Automated calibration and build set-up capabilities

Voicing his appreciation for the collaboration with Stratasys that began 2014, Mr Leigh commented: “We’re looking forward to delivering new solutions for customers to take control of their applications, while having the tools in place to manage their own quality.”

Ilan Levin, chief executive officer of Stratasys, describes the partnership as having “both the experience and technical know-how necessary to bring PBF into real-world production—a vision aligned and complementary to our other activities in this space, including Stratasys Direct Manufacturing and our investment in LPW.”

Upcoming months will see Vulcan engaging with partners and customers to analyse and further develop its solutions. The new company also encourages parties interested in joint development opportunities to contact them.



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