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Achteck's CNC machine tools combine mechanical technology with intelligence

Achteck's CNC machine tools combine mechanical technology with intelligence

A Rising Star In CNC From China

China-based Achteck Tool Technology Company is one of the rising stars in the CNC sector — for its dedication to quality and precision.

CNC tool producers include China, Germany, Japan and the United States. However, the industry cannot disregard China’s rapid emergence in terms of technology and precision. In fact, the republic has become one of the world’s largest machine tool producers, marketer and consumer with high market sensitivity as well as fast response to sales and services.

As a typical type of mechatronic products, CNC machine tools combine mechanical technology with intelligence. Achteck Tool Technology sticks to the promise of product quality and service standards. Beginning with having a clear grasp of the customers’ requirements, the company proceeds to deliver accordingly.

However, Achteck Tool Technology sets the bar higher by developing new products and enhancing its current range. Taking into consideration the size of the tool market with a wide array of customers, the company is constantly analysing how to optimally address every client’s needs. 

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