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Accurate Parts Evaluation With ZEISS BOSELLO MAX

Dr. Georg Dambauer of Dambauer GmbH

Accurate Parts Evaluation With ZEISS BOSELLO MAX

ZEISS BOSELLO MAX simplifies the decision-making process at VMG Dambauer through high image quality and high resolution.

Up to 400,000 motorcycle chassis components are produced annually at by 170 employees at VMG Dambauer in Vöcklabruck, Austria. Each individual part has to fulfill rigorous quality requirements given it concerns people’s safety.

In order to identify good and bad parts swiftly and accurately, the company relies on the 2D Xray device ZEISS BOSELLO MAX. Its excellent image rendition made it easier for the staff at this aluminum foundry to make the right decision.

Demand For Quality

Quality demands for components in the automotive industry are extremely high. There is perhaps no better example for that than the chassis parts for motorcycles, such as the wings of the rear wheels and the wheel hubs.

Whether during acceleration or going around a curve, these parts endure continuously high forces throughout their entire product life cycle. A breakdown of material due to undiscovered defects would most likely have drastic consequences for both user and machine.

End-customers therefore trust that the manufacturers of their choice will do everything in their power to install flawless components into the product. In order not to erode customers’ trust, manufacturers demand the highest possible standards in quality assurance from their suppliers — without exceptions or compromises.


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