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Achieving Process Stability In The Medical Industry

Achieving Process Stability In The Medical Industry

Achieving Process Stability In The Medical Industry

Sigma Surgical in India were able to reduce tool costs by almost 50 percent, boost productivity and achieve a stable process with the help of Blaser Swisslube’s optimal coolant. 

Sigma Surgical, located in Ahmedabad, is an upcoming leader in the Indian medical implant and surgery instrument sector. The company produces bone screws, bone plates, spinal implants out of Titanium and Stainless Steel (316 LVM), as well as surgical instruments. Known for high quality implants, Sigma surgical was founded by Mr J J Gothi in 1998 with just three employees. From there the company has grown by leaps and bounds. Now under the leadership of Mr Mehul Gothi and his vision of providing international quality implants at affordable price to Indian customers, Sigma Surgical is set for the future with their state-of-the-art facility. 

Yet they’ve experienced issues with their previous coolant. They did not have a stable process and battled unpredictable tool wear. 

“In the medical segment there are various challenges—the know-how transfer from suppliers during audits through the government authorities, as well as difficult to machine materials. Therefore, stable processes are key. Some tools showed a higher tool wear than others and this varying unpredictable wear of inserts at Sigma Surgical did not allow them to plan and work properly. This resulted in component rejection and affected the productivity negatively. Rejections lowers the output of finished parts and the defined tolerances for produced parts in the medical segment are very strict,” explains Amol Pawar, responsible Sales representative from Blaser Swisslube. 

“Amol Pawar approached us and explained how to analyse the production situation and what we can expect further down the road in regards to optimisation and cost savings”, explains Mehul Gothi, Director at Sigma Surgical.

Sigma Surgical was looking for a technology leading partner and decided to run a test with Blaser coolant solutions. The produced part for the test was a Twin Lock BCP Screw and Proximal Tibial Plate made of titanium.

Holistic Approach

Taking a holistic view on the production process, the Blaser coolant specialist recommended to perform the tests with Vascomill 35 CSF on the Swiss type turning machine and Synergy 735 on the 5-Axis VMC. From his experience he knew, that Vascomill 35 CSF, a specially designed cutting oil, will be great for this turning application in the medical segment. 

Vascomill CSF 35 is very low in emissions and ensures a very clean working environment. A clean working environment is important to Mehul Gothi. “Synergy 735 is an innovative formulation which outstands with an excellent surface quality and extremely low foaming” explains Amol Pawar from Blaser Swisslube India. 

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