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Achteck Tool Technology’s Assurance Of Higher Efficiency And Reliability

Achteck Tool Technology’s Assurance Of Higher Efficiency And Reliability

China-based Achteck Tool Technology Company’s product quality is guaranteed via having their own manufacturing plant to ensure minimal errors and highest precision.

As a cutting tool producer in China, Achteck Has a wide range of tools in turning, milling, drilling and threading to provide customers many solutions to serve automotive, aerospace, energy, general mechanical engineering and other sectors. Its quality is attributed to having their own complete manufacturing line from from tungsten mining, powder making to tool producing.

D106 And D108 Series

Achteck high-quality solid carbide drill D106 and D108 series are widely available to various materials and highly cost-effective. Oil and emulsion can be used for reliable performance. The tools were developed with micro grain bar and nanometre PVD coating to achieve good chip evacuation with wear resistance and low friction.

D106 solid carbide has complete specifications including 3xDc and 5xDc with external coolant, 3xDc and 5xDc with internal coolant, 3-16mm in diameter range to provide all hole drilling in normal 664 sizes for customers. In machining, the D106 can achieve high precision, craft reliability and high cost efficiency. The drills in the series have wide application range including general mechanical engineering, die and mold, energy and automotive.  


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