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Additive Manufacturing

3D Printed Human Cornea Developed Clinicians And Scientists In India

A made-in-India 3D printed product from an Indian clinician-scientist team that could offer an affordable solution to corneal blindness. (more…)
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Automotive Trim Developments Acquires Two Metal 3D Printers For Component Innovation

EOS, a leading supplier for manufacturing solutions through industrial 3D printing technology, revealed that Automotive Trim Developments (ATD) has installed two EOS M...
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3D Printed Fabric Shoes To Make Sure Kids’ Feet Grow Properly

We|aver+ or Weaver+'s 3D printed shoes that is akin to knitted fabric, except it uses elastic TPU as the material....
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A fleet of HP Multi Jet Fusion 5200 3D printers and powder handling units

Toyota And Solize Unveil Automotive Spare Part 3D Printing Project Powered By HP Technology

Japan-based automotive manufacturer Toyota has begun working with SOLIZE to 3D print spare car components on-demand.

3D Printing Can Strengthen Medical Supply Chain

3D Printing Can Strengthen America’s Medical Supply Chain

Healthcare experts share lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic

Man arrested for 3D printed guns

RI Man Convicted Of 3D Printing Ghost Guns

A North Kingstown, R.I. man was convicted in Washington County Superior Court of using a 3D printer to manufacture ghost guns.

3D printed bone grafts in Europe

3D Printed Bone Grafts To Be Approved For Patients In Europe

Recently, European regulatory bodies have allowed custom 3D printed bone grafts to be used for medical procedures. What challenges do implants present, what does the 3D printing technology do, and how does this help to lower the cost of medical…

A Graphic Displaying How The Researchers Restored The Shoulder’s Rotator Cuffs

Harvard Scientists Develop a Method To Restore Damaged Tendons and Muscles

Harvard Scientists Develop a Method To Restore Damaged Tendons and Muscles. The new complex tissue platform can restore damaged rotator cuffs.

3D printed ring with 24,679 diamonds

Guinness Alert: Kerala Jeweller Breaks Record With 24,697 Diamonds In One Mushroom-Shaped Ring

Rijisha TV, a post graduate in lifestyle accessory design, from the National Institute of Design “meticulously designed the ring”

Region’s First 3D-Printed Housing completed And Sold In South Richmond

Region’s First 3D-Printed Home Completed And Sold In South Richmond

A homebuilding experiment more than a year in the making helped first-time buyer Tiffany Terrell finally break through the competitive local housing market.

3D printed silver ring

Desktop Metal Qualifies Sterling Silver, Cementing Additive Manufacturing Leadership in Jewelry Industry

Desktop Metal now offers comprehensive solutions for jewelry and luxury goods manufacturers, from 3D printed models for lost-wax casting to direct 3D printing of precious metals.

3D printing tourniquets Ukraine

How The 3D-Printing Community Worldwide Is Aiding Ukraine

Facing shortages on the battlefield, Ukrainian soldiers are getting supplies they need from those with the 3D-Printing.

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