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Addressing Challenges In Wind Tower Manufacturing

Addressing Challenges In Wind Tower Manufacturing

Addressing Challenges In Wind Tower Manufacturing

How will the wind industry cope with its monumental growth and what are the challenges ahead?

Here, Faccin Group shares its wide range of solutions for wind tower manufacturers.

Faccin Group continues to create valuable content for its customers and public, driving growth of the wind industry. On 8 April 2021, the group broadcasted an engaging webinar focused on the Wind Energy Industry and the challenges laying ahead. Attended by hundreds, the event looked at understanding how the wind industry will cope with the monumental growth and the hype that has been created around this renewable source of energy for the future.

During this event hosted by Javier Lanfranchi, key players of the industry together with the members of Faccin Group’s Wind Energy Division, Andrea Comparin, Diego Morbini and Rafael Soto, shared their views on the future of the market, particularly on the challenges related to the construction of ever bigger, taller and heavier towers, the extreme tolerances required, the diameters of the monopiles, the thicknesses to be rolled and the solutions provided by the manufacturers of machinery and how the tower producers should prepare for it.

The conclusion was that preparation, readiness and investment were key ways to stay ahead of the competition in this industry and the exponential growth that is expected not only in onshore wind power but also offshore, with the expansion of the Asian and the US markets. And rolling hundreds of steel cans of bigger diameters and thicker walls with very strict tolerances, was an important point highlighted during the webinar. 

In this regard, Faccin Group contributed with its expertise based on hundreds of Wind Tower Automation systems installed around the world and covering a wide range of solutions for the rolling of monopiles, especially offshore wind projects, automation systems to produce hundreds of cans for sections and onshore towers and innovative machinery for the serial fabrication of door frames and flanges.

Rolling Power for Offshore Wind Tower Foundations

Faccin specialises in manufacturing machines for wind power and specifically for wind towers foundations such as monopiles, jackets and tripods, together with their transition pieces.

Offshore wind tower foundations made by heavy duty thicknesses up to 4,2m wide, 150mm thick and 12m diameters, require strong, powerful bending machines capable of achieving tight tolerances of roundness and performing the job 24/7.

Faccin has supplied top players of Offshore Foundations with its optimised HAV machines, 3-roll with Variable Geometry, ideal for rolling and calibrating cylindrical and conical shapes. 

In addition, the 4-roll models 4HEL and 4HEP, are the ideal machines when high productivity is required by the wind tower manufacturers, also in their optimised heavier versions for the construction of thick cones and cans for monopiles, jackets and TPs.

Plate rolls are delivered nowadays as a unique system together with the advanced handling devices that consist of top supports, side supports, feeding tables for plate alignment and clamping system for tack welding preparation.

Powerful CNCs and special automation systems for rolling and calibration have been developed together with customers and optimised by Faccin R&D in the last 30 years.

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