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Photo Courtesy Of ANCA

Photo Courtesy Of ANCA

Advanced Laser Tube Cutting Solutions With Smart Technology, Automation And AI

ANCA Motion’s Mr CHEN Ming explains the latest technology and market development for laser cutting applications.

Tool innovation improves both production efficiency and product quality. With the development of industrial software and information technology, technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data and cloud platform are accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing.

Motion control technology drives manufacturing automation forward and is a key technology to the new industrial revolution. With more than 40 years of experience in CNC systems and motion control, ANCA Motion provides flexible and innovative motion control solutions for high-end CNC machines for both software and hardware. The company has a leading role in the industry due to its extensive R&D capability, high-quality product technology and lifecycle services.

Research And Development For Rewarding Results

Mr CHEN Ming, Product Manager of Laser Applications at ANCA Motion, said, “As we see more diverse applications of fibre laser cutting, tube cutting, thick plate cutting and 3D five-axis cutting in recent years, ANCA Motion has closely followed customer needs, and has dedicated itself to developing optimal products. We have promptly launched CNC systems for relevant applications. For laser applications, we offer a variety of software and hardware features to meet the unique requirements of customers. Specifically, ANCA Motion directly calculates and controls the height following actions from the servo drives. This technology effectively shortens the control path and enables a quicker response. Another example is the sample interpolation control algorithm optimised for various complex profile cutting operations, which ensures smooth and accurate contour machining without significantly reducing cutting speed.


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