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Ehang Spearheads Aerial Tourism, And It May Be The New Black

EHang is steadily advancing production and delivery of EH216-S pilotless eVTOL Image Credit - EHang

Ehang Spearheads Aerial Tourism, And It May Be The New Black

EHang secured a RMB113 million order for 50 units of EH216-S Pilotless eVTOLs from Xishan Tourism to jointly promote low-altitude economy — aerial tourism in Northern China.

EHang and Xishan Tourism signed the MoU and purchase order. Image Credit – EHang

EHang Holdings Limited a known urban air mobility (UAM) technology platform company, announced an memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Taiyuan Xishan Ecological Tourism Investment Construction Co., Ltd. (Xishan Tourism) to jointly develop the low-altitude economy in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, China.

Concurrently with the signing of the MoU, Xishan Tourism has placed a purchase order for 50 units of EHang’s EH216-S pilotless electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, and has paid the total contract price of RMB113 million (US$15.6 million) to EHang. Meanwhile, Xishan Tourism has signed a purchase plan agreement for an additional 450 units of EH216-S over the next two years.

These aircraft will be deployed for aerial tourism, passenger transportation, and other low-altitude use cases to facilitate adoption and operations of pilotless eVTOL in North China.

According to the MoU, EHang and Xishan Tourism will collaborate to develop a Low-Altitude Economy Industrial Park in Taiyuan, where they can establish EHang’s command-and-control center, marketing and exhibition center, operations center, after-sales service center, research institute, etc. By combining EHang’s leading advantages and expertise in the low-altitude economy sector with Xishan Tourism’s rich cultural and tourism resources, the collaboration aims to establish the largest eVTOL UAM operation base in North China.

EHang and Xishan Tourism plan to build EH216-S low-altitude sightseeing demonstration centers in the scenic areas of Xishan Mountain and Fenhe River in Taiyuan initially, with further plans to gradually expand pilotless eVTOLs application to Shanxi Province and North China to stimulate the growth of the low-altitude industry in the region.

Shanxi Province has been designated as a national demonstration province for the development of the general aviation industry, and Taiyuan City is one of the national civil unmanned aviation demonstration zones that boast fertile ground for aviation as a conducive environment for the growth of low-altitude economy development.

Recently in April, a delegation from Shanxi provincial government visited EHang’s headquarters. During the visit, Mr. Xiangjun Jin, Governor of Shanxi Province, highly commended EHang’s pioneering efforts and achievements for the low-altitude economy, stating,

“The low-altitude economy is a representative of new productive forces and serves as a new track for industrial development as well as a new engine driving economic growth. We hope that EHang’s expertise in commercializing the low-altitude economy would be a valuable source of inspiration and reference for Shanxi’s development in this area.”

Mr. Yaozong Chang, Chariman of Xishan Tourism, stated,

“Xishan Tourism is a contemporary company integrating operational infrastructure, industrial investment, operational properties, and park development, etc. Since the establishment in 2019, we adhered to the development philosophy of ‘diversified operations with a focus on both investment and financing’ and have been actively leveraging the strategic potential of the low-altitude economy.

In close collaboration with EHang, we are poised to driving the creation of a new low-altitude economy ecosystem and to further enrich the ‘low-altitude + cultural tourism’ use cases under the guidance of the Xishan Demonstration Zone. Moving forward, we will expedite the development of a comprehensive low-altitude economy ecosystem, encompassing research and development, manufacturing, operations, and services, with the aim of establishing a flagship low-altitude economy industrial park with national influence.”

Mr. Huazhi Hu, Founder, Chairman and CEO of EHang, added,

“As the Chinese government continues to support the growth of low-altitude economy and eVTOL industry, we’re capitalising on this momentum to further expand our presence in the Chinese market and prepare for commercial UAM operations. We’re delighted to secure this major order from Taiyuan and look forward to collaborating with our partners to establish a benchmark for low-altitude economy in the city, and gradually introduce more low-altitude use cases in Shanxi and extend it across North China. Our goal is to bring pilotless eVTOLs to more cities and drive the sustainable growth of China’s low-altitude ecosystem.”



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Tesla Had A Turbulent H1 2024, What Can We Expect In H2 2024?
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