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An Insight On Malaysia’s Metal Fabrication Equipment Market

Based on findings by Mordor Intelligence, metal fabrication holds an important place in Malaysia’s manufacturing industry and technological advances in IoT and automation have resulted in rapid changes in the domestic industry. Currently, fabricators are introducing strategies to both reduce production costs and incorporate new systems like the adaptation of control systems in processes that span across milling, forming, welding, machining, stamping and finishing. Similar, end user categories within the market include the oil & gas, automotive & aviation, power, chemicals & mining and construction industries among others.

Metal Fabrication Equipment Market, by Equipment Type And Application

(Source: Mordor Intelligence)

Malaysia’s metal fabrication equipment market can be segregated into machining, cutting, forming, welding and others when it is segregated according to equipment type. Conversely, the market can be broken down into residential, commercial and industrial sectors when segregated by application.

Future Outlook

Looking towards the future, metal fabrication equipment market is expected to grow at a heightened rate, as the world moves toward industrialisation and the population expands. And key players within the field include Amada, Atlas Copco, BTD Manufacturing, Colfax, Defiance Metal Products, DMG Mori, Hindustan Machine Tools, Interplex Holdings Pvt. Ltd., Kapco, Komaspect, Lancer Fabtech Pvt. Ltd., Matcor Matsu Group Inc., Sandvik. Standard Iron and Wire Works, Trumpf and Watson.


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