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Appvantage Celebrates Seven Years of Innovation

Singapore: On 13 April 2018, Appvantage Asia, an automotive digital solutions provider, celebrated its seven years of empowering automotive brands with the delivery of digital solutions to original equipment manufacturers, their captive financiers, and the auto finance industry globally.

Established in 2011, the Singapore-based company has expanded globally, serving businesses across 22 countries and supported by branch offices in Myanmar, China, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

The company develops bespoke digital solutions and systems for the retail automotive industry heavyweights like Daimler, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and Jardine Motors Group / Cycle & Carriage in Singapore with a dedicated in-house development team.

It acts as an industry catalyst in connecting the customer directly with the brand by focusing on the end-user customer journey. This marks a significant shift towards technology-enabled transformation in the automotive ecosystem through customer self-service enablement.

“Technology is often an important lever to enable companies to change the basis of competition. Our goal is to revolutionise the automotive industry and as a starting point, we are helping companies to digitalise the car purchase process by building user experiences on top of their legacy systems,” according to Moritz Rossmanith, regional business development manager at Appvantage.

He added: “We help our clients by offering a modern digital customer journey, whilst concurrently leveraging their existing in-house systems to retain digital data security.”

Starting with less than five employees, Appvantage has grown to a headcount of 30 digital automotive personnel. Having delivered over 80 unique solutions globally, the company is one of the forerunners of automotive “design sprints”.

Led by Eng Poo Yang, chief executive officer and founder, the firm’s design sprint can last from one to three weeks and follow a unique process tailored to each client—business processes, situations, limitations, special requests, aesthetic demands, and technological needs.

After an initial discovery session, the company’s user experience team proposes a strategy from the data gathered during the workshop and help to convert the idea into an interactive digital prototype. This allows for use experience testing and collection of data for validation, with added fast-track option to begin solution development when ready.

Mr Eng states, “Appvantage aims to empower all players within the automotive ecosystem—from brands, to consumers, and everyone in between.”

Coinciding with their seventh year, the company has embarked on phase two of a game changing strategy that will transform the way vehicles are acquired. This digital platform brings the entire automotive buying and ownership experience together, connecting all parties in the car buying process—from purchase to repurchase by digitally connecting brands, consumers, financial institutions, insurance providers and service workshops together.

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