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Arno: Solid Carbide Endmill Cutters AFV

Arno’s Solid carbide endmill cutters AFV are equipped with uneven pitch design from 35 to 38ﹾ (four cutting edges) and even pitch design with 45 (six cutting edges), for roughing and finishing of nearly all materials (steel, stainless steel, cast, heat resistant alloys and titanium alloys) with up to 60 percent higher feed rate, less vibration, better surface finish and increased cutting depth.

Explore our huge selection of milling tools, such as shell mills, square shoulder mills and slotting cutters. Achieve outstanding results with indexable inserts for wet or dry milling, for steel, all cast materials and stainless materials, heat-resistant alloys and non-ferrous metals. ARNO’s high performance tools with long wear lifespans allow you to operate more economical.


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