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ISCAR talks deeper about parting tools in metalworking.

At The Parting Of The Ways – ISCAR’s Takes On Parting Systems

Andrei Petrilin, ISCAR’s Senior Technical Manager walks APMEN through the advantages of using wide array of revolutionary parting systems which created unique milestones in metalworking.

Back in the 70s , ISCAR introduced SELF-GRIP, the brand name of the original blockbuster parting tool design concept. According to the design concept of the SELF-GRIP tool, a pressed carbide insert was clamped into a tool blade using the blade’s elastic forces without the need for mechanical securing elements. At that time, other manufacturers also attempted to clamp inserts into a parting tool using the same principle.

However, it was ISCAR that invented a reliable, truly workable concept that set the benchmark for parting applications. It was a plethora of  revolutionary parting systems.

Starting The Trend

The SELF-GRIP tool proved to be a game changer in parting. Shortly after its inauguration, similar designs by other producers appeared in the metal cutting market.

ISCAR had established its name as the authority in parting applications and quickly became the unrivaled leader in the industry. Today, there is no question why ISCAR’s ongoing inventions of new parting systems and tools attract great interest and deserve such close attention.


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