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Innovation at Autodesk

New, creative approaches with Generative Design © Autodesk

Autodesk Shone At Hannover Messe 2022 With Innovation

Innovation took centrestage at the recently concluded event

As a strong partner, Autodesk empowers companies in digital transformation with platform and cloud-based solutions — for connected, innovative and sustainable results.

Transitioning from Industry 4.0

With the advances of Industry 4.0, the next industrial revolution is already upon us. Trends and technologies such as generative design, AI, advanced manufacturing and connected data are transforming manufacturing. This makes Industry 5.0 the next phase of digitisation, in which the platforms and digital resources created today communicate with each other, while humans and machines work together more harmoniously and effectively. However, for this to work, targeted networking and intelligent automation processes are needed.

BAC MONO + Wheel – Easily on top speeds

How do you get the most out of a race car? British sports car manufacturer BAC demonstrated how easy it was through its Mono model. Among other things, a redesign of the rims using generative design ensures that the race car weighing just 570 kg can accelerate to 100 km/h in under three seconds.

With the already tightly designed interior, the 332-hp engine and the ultra-light chassis, it is the millisecond and therefore the last gram that counts. The newly-designed lightweight rims alone were able to save almost five kilograms compared to the previous model. Autodesk Fusion 360 and generative design helped to find the optimum strength-to-weight ratio for the BAC Mono.

To do this, the designer sets the boundary conditions for the design, and algorithms based on machine learning and cloud computing simulate iterative options, which then only need to be evaluated. This means that not only are the technical and production-specific requirements taken into account right from the start, but also the aesthetic ones: Brand-typical features complemented the high demands on materials and functions in the BAC Mono. 3D printing processes were also used for the sports car, including for headlights, side mirrors and taillight housings.

© Image courtesy of Briggs Automotive Company Ltd

ore generative design in manufacturing with Harley-Davidson

Lightweight, strong, and high-performing is what Canadian company MJK Performance is all about when it comes to manufacturing custom Harley-Davidson replacement parts. Learn more here on the Autodesk blog.

New presentation of the Vesuvius project – 3D printing on a grand scale

It has never been easier to bring even complex ideas to life in manufacturing. Prototypes, in particular, are in many cases the means of choice for illustrating designs realistically even before production. However, when it comes to producing particularly large prototypes, in many cases only traditional model-making and expensive subtractive processes are available. Large-format 3D printing, which has been used to date, is also proving problematic because as production volume increases exponentially, so do time and cost.

A fast FDM 3D printing system for large formats has been designed and built by Autodesk Technology Center Birmingham together with the University of Warwick and Duet3D. The project features a 4k build file and was designed and fabricated entirely in Fusion 360. Lee Sanders was on-site to address queries from visitors, as well as Jan Niestrath, Autodesk’s  Industry Manager | Design & Manufacturing.


Experts from Autodesk

(Source: Autodesk)

The Industrial Metaverse

The future of design and manufacturing is the industrial metaverse. Driven by automation and cloud technologies, the metaverse is helping us redesign design and manufacturing processes. Industries such as architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing are being re-imagined, if not overhauled, as designs are brought to life in the industrial Metaverse come to life. This enables immersive collaboration so designers, builders and manufacturers can make more informed decisions faster.

Autodesk Impact Report 2022

Autodesk released this year’s Impact Report early May 2022, outlining progress made towards improved business processes, closer customer collaboration and advancing industries. The report highlighted how Autodesk deepened partnerships with customers and enabling them to develop faster, more connected solutions.

Autodesk Impact Report 2022 Highlights:

  • New and improved product and platform capabilities help diverse Autodesk customers achieve their sustainability goals, optimise their resource use, and increase overall efficiency
  • Neutralised greenhouse gas emissions for the second consecutive year through the use of Autodesk Carbon Fund – throughout operations across the value chain
  • One billion U.S. dollars in total proceeds from first sustainability bond will fund a variety of sustainable measures, including eco-efficient products and production technologies, water and energy management, and socioeconomic advancement
  • Donations of $18.5 million from Autodesk and the Autodesk Foundation and $2.9 million from employees for community benefit

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