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Baidu Takes On OpenAI With Its ERNIE 4.0 Large Language Model

Baidu Takes On OpenAI With Its ERNIE 4.0 Large Language Model

China has officially jumped into the AI Chatbot bandwagon. Baidu Inc, the search engine giant launched ERNIE 4.0, Baidu’s next-generation and most powerful foundation model offering drastically enhanced core AI capabilities.

Baidu also showcased some of its most popular applications, solutions, and products re-built around the company’s state-of-the-art generative AI.                         

“ERNIE 4.0 has achieved a full upgrade with drastically improved performance in understanding, generation, reasoning, and memory,” Robin Li, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Baidu, said at the event. “These four core capabilities form the foundation of AI-native applications and have now unleashed unlimited opportunities for new innovations.”

In his keynote, Li showcased the new ERNIE Bot powered by ERNIE 4.0 through extensive demonstrations of its four core AI capabilities. ERNIE Bot is able to “Understand” and provide answers to complex and even disorganised human requests, as well as interpreting hidden messages.

ERNIE can also “Generate” a range of content, including text, images, and videos, in just a few minutes, based on one simple text prompt and image input. Li further demonstrated ERNIE Bot’s ability to “Reason” by having it solve complex geometry problems. Lastly, ERNIE Bot’s ability to “Memorize” and integrate incremental inputs was demonstrated by writing a short story and regularly adding new information as ERNIE was in process of writing the story.

Dr. Haifeng Wang, Chief Technology Officer of Baidu, said ERNIE 4.0 started beta version testing in September based on a limited amount of user input, and has since seen its overall performance improved by almost 30%. ERNIE 4.0 is now accessible to invited users on ERNIE Bot, and the API will be available upon application to enterprise clients via Qianfan foundation model platform. 

The emergent intelligence brought by foundation models and large language models (LLMs) unlocks unprecedented avenues for innovative applications. Baidu adopted an AI-native approach to re-build its family of apps, solutions, and products, including Baidu Search, Baidu GBI, Infoflow, Baidu Wenku, Baidu Drive and Baidu Maps. This revamp has sparked creativity, leading to delightful and diverse user interactions.


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