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BalTec Forming Tools for the best Results and Applications

BalTec Forming Tools For Best Results And Applications

Quality Is More Than Just A Word – It Is Our Commitment

Article by BalTec AG / [email protected]

Cold forming is a popular and cost-effective joining method. Popular in most industries, applied for high precision and also high-strength connections. Components joined by means of screws, welding, or gluing could alternatively be joined through cold-forming. Benefits typically are cost savings through efficiency, process stability, in-process quality assurance, and others.

Cold forming can particularly be beneficial when difficult and unlike materials need to be formed or joined. Forming thermoplastics, glass-re-enforced plastic, tough alloys, aluminum die-cast, and other less common materials are usually formable with appropriate tooling and machine type & – setup.

Tools do not have to be round. They can be rectangular, oblong, square, triangular, or any other shape. Additionally, the tool can form only specific sections or engrave the workpiece while it is being formed. Such operations may be referred to as riveting, staking, roller forming, swaging, crimping, flaring, rolling inward, rolling outward, or coining.

Technical / Engineering Consulting

BalTec core competence lies in the execution and development of intelligent, Industry 4.0-ready solutions in joining technology – performing trials to determine feasibility and meet your requirements, the first trial at no cost to you. We determine the suitable process (radial, orbital, tangential, roller forming), machine size, and necessary accessories regarding quality & productivity based on knowledge from over 50 years of experience in joining and assembly technology.

Application Examples

BalTec Roller Forming offers capability far beyond just riveting. A wide range of applications can be cold-formed with a roller-forming head and the respective machine. Typically, hollow round parts with a diameter range starting below 2 mm to more than 200 mm.


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