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Better Surface Finish With Linear Technology

To gain traction in the aerospace industry, Australian manufacturer of rotary shank cutting tools, Sutton Tools, has been using linear motor technology. Contributed by Anca.

Jeff Boyd, export manager at Sutton Tools said, “By really focusing on how we could improve the surface finish, and with the added capabilities of the linear motor, we have created a product that is delivering significant productivity gains for our customers. The team is now consistently achieving a longer tool life and faster cycle times in some of the higher strength materials such as titanium.”

Mr Boyd added that improvements in the surface finish of the cutting tools have been achieved by moving away from the traditional ball-screw movement on machines to a linear motor. The company also conducted a direct comparison and experimented with different grinding wheel grades and grinding parameters for the best finish.

“A better surface finish has also mean we get better adhesion of the coating and stable performance to the cutting tool which is important for our customers. Tool stability is important because it means our customers can confidently forecast their production schedules and reduce machine down time,” said Mr Boyd.

In order to validate their grinding methods, an optical 3D scanning technique is used to measure the area surface roughness on the rake face and the cutting rake on the tools.

Anca has combined linear motion motor technology from its sister company Anca Motion to its own rigid grinding machines. The LinX cylindrical linear motors prevent loss of preload or rigidity when grinding tools and reversal errors are eliminated and higher contouring accuracy can be maintained due to a unique control algorithm.





Global Grinding Market Report

According to research firm Research and Markets, the global grinding machine market is estimated to reach US$5.06 billion by 2023.

The overall grinding machine market is majorly driven by the huge industrial manufacturing industry worldwide demonstrating consistent growth. Apart from North America and Europe, Asia Pacific has witnessed profound industrial growth since the past few decades. Countries such as China, India, Southeast Asia countries have portrayed substantial growth across various industrial manufacturing sectors over the period of time. This has led to strong demand for industrial machine tools (such as grinding machines).

The overall market is currently led collectively by cylindrical, surface and gear grinding machines segments. On the basis of applications, the market is categorised into automotive, machine tools and parts, consumer goods, aerospace and defense, electrical and electronics, shipbuilding and others.

In terms of applications, the market is majorly governed by automotive, machine tools and parts manufacturing and consumer goods segments. On the basis of geographic regions, the grinding machines market is led by Asia Pacific, followed by Europe.

  • Product and service enhancement.
  • Focus on automated grinding machines.
  • Strong growth in tool & cutter grinding machines.
  • Enhancement of distribution network.


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