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Blum-Novotest GmbH will be showcasing its latest measuring and testing technology at EMO Hannover 2019.

Blum-Novotest GmbH will be showcasing its latest technologies at EMO Hannover 2019.

Blum-Novotest To Highlight Measuring, Testing Technology at EMO 2019

Blum-Novotest GmbH will be showcasing its latest measuring and testing technology at EMO Hannover 2019. Highlights include the new visualisation and evaluation software LC-VISION, several solutions for determining the quality of machine tool spindles, and the latest applications in the field of DIGILOG tool and workpiece measurement. Blum-Novotest will be in Hall 6, Stand D01

“Thanks to DIGILOG technology, we have been able to create the basis for a whole range of highly innovative products; with the LC50-DIGILOG laser measuring system, introduced in 2017, leading the way. These DIGILOG workpiece and tool measuring systems enable even faster measurements by recording thousands of measured values a second and offering maximum process reliability through data stream evaluation and, above all, previously unimaginable applications. In addition to the latest hardware and software solutions, our presentation at EMO will therefore also focus on showcasing current and future areas of application for DIGILOG technology within a networked production environment: For example, the scanning measurement of contours and bores, the use of DIGILOG systems in closed-loop processes or the roughness measurement of workpiece surfaces in large-scale production,” said Winfried Weiland, marketing manager at Blum-Novotest.

One of the solutions on display, Blum’s visualisation and evaluation software LC-VISION, specially developed for BLUM’s laser measuring systems, takes tool measurement in the machine to the next level by enabling live visualisation and analysis of the values recorded during the measuring process directly on the machine control. The software is used, for example, in combination with the other new option SpindleControl. With the help of this application, DIGILOG laser measuring systems can record the condition of the spindle at different speeds and indicate at an early stage any bearing damage and resulting machining inaccuracies, for example. This data can also be used for preventive maintenance, thereby ensuring that a spindle can be overhauled in good time before total failure and unscheduled machine downtime occur.

The function is also used in real-life scenarios to minimise the warm-up times of machines in high-precision machining: By using SpindleControl, the user can determine when the machine has reached a thermally stable state and machining can commence. Even vibration analysis based on spindle rpm/range is possible: The data can be used to identify irregularities that indicate, for example, bearing damage.

BLUM will also be presenting the technology cycle 3D ToolControl based on LC-VISION. If, for example, the new option is to be used to monitor a ball nose mill for wear, the longest and shortest cutting edge at various pressure angles can be visualised at a glance in LC-VISION. The user can therefore see at which angular position a problem exists and is able to determine the most suitable compensation method for this application and machine with the aid of various evaluation methods. Moreover, LC-VISION also provides a view in which the measured length values of each individual cutting edge are displayed in a bar chart. Based on this visualisation, it is, for instance, possible to draw conclusions about the achievable surface quality, the quality of the (new) tools used and their service life. Another special feature of LC-VISION is the diagnostics view: For the first time, all relevant system information, such as focus position, installed hardware and software as well as preventive maintenance data, is displayed to the operator on the control screen.



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