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Bosch to solve chip shortage

Bosch to address semiconductor shortage

Bosch Ready To Spend US$3 Billion To Help Solve Chip Demand

By 2026, the company plans to invest more than US$3 billion in its growing semiconductor business as it moves away from the world’s complex chip supply chains.


The investment will meet a range of needs for the semiconductor industry, including adding test centers, researching new types of chips and, most importantly, building new chip production capacity in Germany.

A shortage of microchips has caused global automakers to cancel production plans for 13 million vehicles over the past 18 months, according to AutoForecast Solutions LLC.

But the bad news in Bosch’s aggressive plans: The investment won’t all go to cars. Bosch is the world’s largest supplier of auto parts and its vast global electronics portfolio has hundreds of suppliers, from coffee makers and toasters to home security systems, power tools, video surveillance products and air conditioning units – more than 49.14 Dollar sales of increasingly complex parts to automakers hit $1 billion last year.

“Microelectronics is the future and is critical to the success of all Bosch business areas,” Bosch Chairman Stefan Hartung said in a statement released Wednesday in conjunction with Bosch Technology Days in Dresden, Germany. “We hold the master key to the future of mobility.”

Suppliers will have to address not only their own huge demand for more microchips, but also the needs of Europe. The investment will be made under the European Chips Act, and the EU and German federal governments will provide part of the funding to facilitate investment to stimulate the European microelectronics industry.

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