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Bystronic And IPG Partners To Generate Innovations

Bystronic And IPG Partners To Generate Innovations

Bystronic And IPG Partner To Generate Innovations

The strategic partnership with IPG Photonics is strengthening Bystronic’s innovative capacity: Together, these two technology pioneers are developing the next generation of fiber lasers. In addition, Bystronic benefits from attractive procurement terms and can set itself apart by offering exclusive customer services.

Innovative features, excellent service

Bystronic is one of IPG’s most important customers in the field of materials processing. What started as a simple supplier-customer relationship has evolved into a strategic partnership: In 2018, the two companies initiated joint development projects within the framework of a collaboration agreement. “This offers us the opportunity to adapt the laser sources to our specific needs and to develop innovative features for our customers,” says Christoph Rüttimann.

One such collaboration includes for example, Bystronic technicians being qualified to replace defective transport fibers at the laser source or to exchange laser modules. “We can thus set ourselves apart by offering comprehensive services from a single source. Our customers appreciate having a single point of contact for all their concerns,” Christoph Rüttimann emphasises.

Leader in the race for higher output

The output of fiber laser cutting machines has increased rapidly over the past few years. Two years ago Bystronic launched a 12-kilowatt system on the market, and this October with 15 kilowatts, the next power level will be launched. Christoph Rüttimann is convinced that the race for power will continue. And Bystronic is at the forefront – also thanks to its partnership with IPG.

Pioneering work for the smart factory

For Bystronic’s customers, the performance increases achieved over the past few years have translated into higher productivity and above all greater flexibility. This tangible customer benefit can be enhanced even further thanks to innovative features. The exchange of ideas and know-how with IPG is fertile ground that generates valuable ideas to drive forward the development of the systems.

Strong partnership for a dynamic and evolving market

The joint innovations show that with IPG, Bystronic has found an ideal partner to drive development of next generation fiber laser solutions. Christoph Rüttimann observes: “Within a rapidly evolving market, our partnership provides technology leadership, delivering leading-edge productivity and superior cost of ownership to our customers, and strengthening the future prospects of Bystronic.”

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