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Bystronic is working with Kurago within the framework of an innovation partnership.

Bystronic is working with Kurago within the framework of an innovation partnership.

Bystronic Partners with Kurago for Smart Production Management Innovation

To develop pioneering process solutions that will drive forward the vision of a smart factory environment, Bystronic is now working with software specialist Kurago within the framework of an innovation partnership. In this venture, Bystronic will be able to rely on Kurago as a strong partner with extensive know-how in the field of consulting and software development for smart production management.

The demand for automation and digital process solutions is increasing across the complete field of sheet metal processing. This trend is having a major impact on our customers’ business models and strategies. The sheet metal processing world will face a fundamental change in the near future and software will play a key role in this transformation. Digital solutions will support users with the planning, interlinking, monitoring, and optimization of all their production processes. All this will boost the sheet metal processing industry to new levels of productivity and transparency.

By joining forces, Bystronic and Kurago will be able to fast-track solutions to make a powerful vision come true very soon.

The first important step of this partnership will be the development of a brand new enterprise operational environment for the sheet metal processing sector, where all the processes relating to the day-to-day business of customers will take place, enabling them to achieve operational excellence and gain a competitive edge. Cloud technology will enable customers to expand Bystronic solution as their company grows, thus reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO). In addition, this solution will allow tech companies of all sizes to develop and offer new products and applications designed specifically for the sheet metal processing sector.

Together with Bystronic, Spain-based Kurago will conceive, create, promote, and implement software that will optimize the manufacturing of metal parts. As a centre of excellence for software, Kurago will develop manufacturing systems that will make the smart factory vision a reality and guide and structure sheet metal processing throughout the entire value chain—with all types of machines from any manufacturer.

“We are convinced that this partnership will allow Bystronic and Kurago to pool their expertise and energy in order to achieve a sustainable impact on the future trends and demands in the sheet metal processing industry. Our shared goal is to offer our customers pioneering solutions that drive them forward on the path towards a digitally extended manufacturing environment,” said Alex Waser, CEO of the Bystronic Group.

Jesús Martínez, CEO of Kurago, said, “We are grateful and delighted to be able to seize this opportunity to make the digital factory come true together with Bystronic, an innovation leader in the sheet metal processing sector. The enterprise operational environment we will develop will constitute an open space where many market players, who currently still view each other as competitors, will start cooperating. This environment will be a fully digital ecosystem, which is the only way we can make this revolution a reality. Cloud computing enhances the capabilities of all players and levels the playing field, opening up the same opportunities to everyone, while also preserving the differences and competitive advantages that make each of them the best choice for their own customers. This will benefit all Bystronic customers around the globe.”


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