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Chinese Province Henan Sets Deadline For Steelmaking Emissions’ Standards

Henan, China: The Environmental Protection Administration in the province of Henan, China, has published its steel industry waste emission requirements on 11 February, 2018. 

China has already announced the implementation of improved steel emission standards that are expected to be effective later this year. The Henan EPA notice stated that the standards will be effective from 1 October, 2018.

The standards require steel mills to complete the upgrading of their sintering plants’ waste emissions’ systems before the end of October this year. Following the upgrade, the sintering process’ solid waste, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions concentration should be lower than 20 mg per m³, 50 mg per m³ and 150 mg per m³ respectively. Additionally, local steel mills will need to resolve uncontrolled emissions by the of August 2018.

Henan produced 29.5 million tonnes of crude steel in 2017.

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