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Cold forming materials like folding an edge or forming a rivet is often how parts are being held together. Permanent closures which cannot be opened, make them tamper-proof compared to the ones fastened with screws.


Whether Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Hardware, Medical Devices, Consumable Goods & Leisure, Home & Garden, Aerospace and or other industries, the possibilities are countless, and the applications are limitless. Meeting customer demands regarding simple & cost-effective or complex designs and requirements challenges our engineers daily.

Adequate equipment, as well as optimal tooling used for such applications, is crucial to meet quality standards and reduce or even eliminate the scrap rate.

Quality Monitoring – Zero Defects!

Whether you produce goods for the automotive, electronic, or medical industry, ensuring a high level of quality is probably a must.

Surgical Tools, Life Supporting Devices, Automotive Electronic Control Modules, forming Aluminium Die Cast, MGG for Air Bag & Seat Belt Retractor Assemblies, Elements of Automotive Suspension Systems to just mention a few.

Key Benefits that BalTec offers are:

  • 100% in-process inspectionof EVERY part
  • Eliminate additional inspection cost & effort
  • Reduce/eliminate scrap and rejects
  • Forming of difficult or brittle materials
  • High level of accuracy and repeatability despite lower quality, less costly individual components
  • Full & complete documentation of the process – Industry 4.0

BalTec’s leadership in cold forming process control with the HPP-25 process controller provides an enormous competitive advantage – WITHOUT enormous investments – to manufacturers in many industries.

Standard and Customized Tool Profiles

A strong competence is the development and manufacturing of simple to highly customized forming tools. Typical profiles include roll-in, draw-in, high-crown, eyelet-flare to ring-stake, simple flat shapes to mention a few. C-shaped tools are also possible when access to the rivet is difficult. All BalTec tools are developed and manufactured in-house. Having the optimal tool for your forming project is crucial.

For example: a C-shaped metal forming tool is one special application that is requested often. The unique non-turning radial forming tool allows access in hard-to-reach applications like exceptionally deep, tight space and narrow assemblies.


BalTec core competence lies in the execution and development of intelligent solutions in the field of joining technology – Industry 4.0 ready. To find the optimal solution for your individual requirements, BalTec AG performs feasibility studies, the first one at no cost to you. We determine a suitable process (radial, orbital, tangential, roller forming), machine size and necessary accessories to meet your specific requirements in regard to quality & productivity. Our knowledge results from over 50 years of experience in joining and assembly technology.

Pfäffikon, Switzerland / Article by BalTec AG / [email protected] 


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