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Converting Recycled Steel To Make Batteries

Converting Recycled Steel To Make Batteries

Converting Recycled Steel To Make Batteries

China: Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jilin University have developed an environmentally friendly method of recycling stainless steel to make electrodes for potassium-ion rechargeable batteries.

The current and future demands for environmentally friendly transportation, power supply for electronic devices and cleaner energy sources calls for solutions that are both resource-sustainable and environmentally friendly.

This new method for developing potassium-ion batteries meets all the necessary requirements. The method is the result of extensive research focussed on developing advanced materials for high-performance next-generation energy storage, conversion devices and systems.

The need for battery improvement requirements and significant increase in the manufacture of electric vehicles— such as Tesla cars and others— in the coming years point to a need for considerable growth in renewable energy sources. In turn, this demands the development of large-scale energy storage systems for grid utilisation.

Despite the high efficiency and suitability for small- to medium-scale applications, lithium-ion batteries have a limited life cycle. In addition, they present environmental, safety and thermal management issues. In other words, they are no longer the best available option.

Today, sustainability, as well as the high-cost of the extraction of lithium and its limited availability, have triggered researchers to look for alternatives to lithium-ion batteries. New technologies and applications demand the creation of the next generation of rechargeable super batteries, which more efficiently store renewable energy, and have better conductivity.

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