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Cover Focus - Milling with “Xtended Technology” – Xtra·tec® XT

Cover Focus – Milling with “Xtended Technology” – Xtra·tec® XT

Milling cutters are pivotal in the machining realm, they play a crucial role in shaping raw materials into precision components across various industries. These cutting implements, are essential for transforming diverse materials with accuracy and efficiency. Walter has just the solutions.

The importance of milling cutters lies in their ability to perform a wide array of tasks, from roughing to finishing, catering to the intricate demands of modern manufacturing processes. The choice of milling cutter and associated inserts directly influences factors such as process costs, tool longevity, and overall machining productivity.

With advancements like double-sided system inserts and wear-resistant coatings, milling cutters exemplify the cutting edge of technology, enabling users to tailor their approach based on material characteristics and machining objectives. As a cornerstone of precision engineering, milling cutters epitomiSe the synergy between technology and craftsmanship, empowering industries to achieve unparalleled levels of accuracy and efficiency in their manufacturing endeavours.

Walter presents the next generation of its milling tools in the form of Xtra·tec® XT. “Xtended Technology”, or “XT” for short, is designed to achieve increased productivity and process reliability. It is not just the black look of these products which distinguishes them from the previous Xtra·tec® tools; they are in fact a completely new generation of milling cutters.

Low Costs Per Cutting Edge Combined With Long Tool Life

In addition to the M5009 (к 45°) and the M5012 (к 88°), Walter is now launching another Xtra·tec® XT face milling cutter in the form of the M5011 (к 75°). All three milling cutters can be equipped with the tough, double-sided SN.X1205 system insert.

An additional system insert (SN.X0904) is available for using the M5009 and the M5012 with smaller depths of cut. The inserts are coated with Walter’s own Tiger·tec® Gold grades, making them incredibly wear-resistant. Depending on the material or machining objective, the user can choose between five geometries for: Large batch sizes, high stability and process reliability or long tool life and high productivity with almost all ISO materials. The Tübingen-based manufacturer is adding the M5011 to its range of milling cutters.


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