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Digitising goods movements

Digitising goods movements

Democratisation Of Commodity Supply Chain Data & Intelligence

Navigate Commodities brings unparalleled transparency to global commodity supply chain monitoring by digitising the movement of goods between producer and consumer in real-time, from agricultural to renewables.

Comments by Atilla Widnell and Lee Gao Rui of Navigate Commodities

In an email interview with Atilla Widnell, Managing Director and Lee Gao Rui, Director of Navigate Commodities, they will be sharing with us, the vision behind Navigate Commodities, and how they’re planning to disrupt the multi-trillion dollar commodities market, the current state of the industry, and how the lack of accessibility to information has led it to become the gentlemen’s club it is today. how the Navigate Commodities team is actually able to facilitate and provide real-time intelligence, despite it never having been done before and lastly, how the ongoing pandemic and the rapid global transition towards renewables are impacting such a traditional industry.

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