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Discover The Future With AIDA At METALEX Thailand 2023

Discover The Future With AIDA At METALEX Thailand 2023

AIDA, the leading metalforming system builder, is preparing to introduce latest metalforming solutions at the METALEX Thailand 2023 exhibition.

AIDA is well-known for its technological advancements and the dedication to forming excellence. At the exhibition, AIDA will feature the General Purpose Servo Press DSF-C1-A Series, simultaneously unveil the latest innovation, the brand new servo press control system equipped with AI function for DSF-N2-4000A series.   

Visit AIDA booth to get hands-on experience on latest servo press control system that are engineered to :

  • Easy servo motion setting
  • Seamless press and peripheral equipment operations Integration
  • Early detection of occurring faults
  • Real time monitors
  • AI predictive failure detection and many more.

The new servo press control system offers IOT press equipment management and ultimately achieving operational excellence.

*Recording starts automatically when a fault is detected, enables in-die video footage viewing.

Furthermore, AIDA is set to introduce a Comprehensive Solution tailored for the High-Speed Precision Press Line and the Dedicated Line designed for the formation of EV Drive Motor Cores, For the first time in Thailand!

AIDA (Thailand) CO., Ltd.

AIDA has been operating a comprehensive sales and service network in Thailand since 1996. Over the last 27 years, the company has offered tailored metalforming solutions and maintenance services support to both local and international clients in Thailand. Additionally, AIDA established a press showroom in Samutprakarn, Bangkok, ensuring the prompt “Immediate delivery” of press equipment and range of ready stock spare parts & accessories.

Come visit AIDA at Metalex Thailand 2023 Booth #AU09, from 22-25 November 2023, 10am-6pm at BITEC Bangkok. For more info, kindly log on to



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