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Easily Sinter Low-Alloy Steel Powders For P/M Diamond Tools

Easily Sinter Low-Alloy Steel Powders For P/M Diamond Tools

Janusz Konstanty and Dorota Tyrala from Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science, AGH University of Science and Technology reveal how to sinter newly developed low-alloy steel powders.

1. Introduction

Sintered diamond tool components costs are affected by synthetic diamond prices. Despite limited productivity, hot press technology was commonly used in its high-density consolidating.

Synthetic diamonds’ price drops heightened interest and demand for inexpensive powders that could be readily pressureless sintered to virtually pore-free condition. Laboratory work was initiated in the 1990s to address this.

Two iron-base powders which were soon offered commercially under brand names Next400 (Eurotungstene) and CobaliteCNF (Umicore). Both can be pressureless sintered to over 95% theoretical density (TD) at merely 900°C.

A moderate sintering temperature is important; exposure to 1120°C may degrade strength and impact diamond crystals’ toughness in typical in ferrous operations. The matrix material should possess high hardness and yield strength, to improve the capacity for diamond retention, along with toughness and resistance to abrasion.

Fine Fe-P powders are commonly admixed to base matrix powder to facilitate achieving these requirements. Conventional press and sinter route are rapidly gaining popularity for fabricating diamond wire saw beads.

Apart from Next400 and CobaliteCNF, a wide range is available mixing two base powders with Fe-P and low melting additives so that a liquid is present during sintering. Thereby, sintering a diamond-impregnated section and its further brazing to a tubular steel support can be done in one operation — saving labour cost and process time.

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