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Enabling Faster Measurement of PCBs

Enabling Faster Measurement of PCBs

Enabling Faster Measurement of PCBs

This manufacturer was able to obtain full flexibility and ease to perform visual inspection on wide varieties of small-batch PCB products with diverse features within the required shorter cycle time. Article by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

Founded in 1999, Shenzhen Xingsen Kuaijie Electronic Co. Ltd is a one-stop solutions provider for printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing and other board components for the electronics and semiconductor industries. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, the company has production and operation facilities in Guangzhou, Yixing, Jiangsu and the United Kingdom, and supports more than 4,000 customers around the world.  

As part of its roadmap to become one of the world’s largest rapid manufacturing supplier for PCB products, Xingsen is continuously making significant investments in smart solutions to evolve its capabilities in furthering its design-technical-production-quality ecosystem and interconnectivity between the teams. These investments are making Xingsen one of the market leaders in rapid proofing, mass production and manufacturing services for advanced IC packaging, who can provide one-stop service and support to hugely customized, high-mix small-batch production of high-end IC products.  

The Challenge

To maintain its leadership position in this ever-evolving growth in consumers electronics industry, Xingsen is consistently pushing itself to rethink how it can future-proof its facilities and processes for design, production and inspection.

The need to build greater dynamism and flexibility in its manufacturing facilities has become ever more crucial in ensuring its production is capable of providing quick turnaround for a wide range of PCB products, ranging from single panels, double-layer boards, four-layer boards, six-layer boards, to multi-layer circuit boards. From design and production, to quality inspection, manufacturers need smart solutions to improve their product quality, to compete well in this aggressive industry. In line with this, Xingsen has selected Hexagon’s smart solutions as one of its key pillars in achieving quality with ease and speed, while keeping cost competitive.

Replacing the Traditional Method

The traditional method of inspecting modern PCBs required the operators to capture numerous complex features such as conventional product length and width, positioning and size of miniature holes, line spacing and line width, and width of the upper and lower circuit layer, with multiple inspection equipment.

The complexity of the inspection further increases when the range of projects intensifies, and the set of inspection requirements varies from one to another. The need to switch between multiple measuring equipment was identified to be highly inefficient and error-prone.

With this consideration in mind, Hexagon Optiv Performance 622HA was introduced to allow Xingsen to complete the entire measurement on a single setting, with a single optical measurement equipment, using single metrology inspection program.

Hexagon Optiv Performance 662HA is a high precision composite image measuring instrument capable of achieving a measurement accuracy of 1.0 μm. It is equipped with Hexagon’s 2-step-zoom dual CCD technology, which allow product images to be enlarged and reduced based on the conversion of optical path, without the need of mechanical zooming. 

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