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Energy-Efficient Spray Lubrication From technotrans

Energy-Efficient Spray Lubrication From technotrans

technotrans presented their efficient and resource-preserving spray lubrication systems for punching and forming applications at this year’s Blechexpo — stressing the importance of sustainability. 

The company exhibited a homogeneous minimum-quantity spray lubrication system using less than 0.5 g of oil per m², and a particularly robust variant of the spray.xact c with a new housing structure, among other products. technotrans provided insights into the development of a system solution for hot-melt applications.

Expanding the product portfolio enlarges the application spectrum of technotrans products and provides users with more flexibility. Potential application areas for these spray lubrication systems include cold rolling processes, the forming of aluminium, and tool lubrication, among other processes.

The Draw Of Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a core benefit of this system. By reducing friction and heat generation, energy-efficient spray lubrication directly contributes to lower power consumption in industrial processes. This translates to substantial savings in energy costs, making it a compelling choice for companies aiming to improve their environmental footprint and reduce operational expenses simultaneously.

“The aspect of sustainability has also become a driving force in punching and forming technologies. The economical use of energy and resources is one of the most important objectives today in metalworking companies,” says Hary Kosciesza, Business Development Manager at technotrans.

“Our spray lubrication systems help users to verifiably reduce their ecological footprint.”

The solutions provided by technotrans work with high-frequency valves and without the use of compressed air to ensure a precise and mist-free application of oil. The use of an extraction system is no longer needed, and no oil that could otherwise enter the production environment is wasted. Machine cleaning and maintenance work are consequently reduced to a minimum.


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