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Enhancing Your Cutting Processes

Enhancing Your Cutting Processes

Enhancing Your Cutting Processes

In a bid to improve and upgrade their production capabilities, Daeyoung Sus Tech embarked on a hunt for a cutting system that will reduce cutting time and empower them to meet future production needs. Article by Hypertherm.

Today’s manufacturing landscape is changing rapidly with the onset of technological advancements. As a result, businesses now need to grapple with various challenges that come with the changing landscape. One of such challenge is to maintain an edge over business rivals, where manufacturers need to pay close attention to the way they maximize productivity while ensuring product quality is not compromised.

For South Korean metal fabricator, Daeyoung Sus Tech, in seeking to thrive in this competitive business environment, finding a solution that will enable it to retain its competitive edge and improve production capabilities for the long-term was paramount.

Since beginning its operations in 2001, Daeyoung Sus Tech (formerly known as Cheolwon Stainless) has been focused on producing stainless steel parts and bars for semiconductor manufacturers and construction companies.

A Solution to Meet Future Needs

In 2018, in a bid to consolidate their facilities and expand their operations, Daeyoung Sus Tech began the process of setting up a new factory building—one that was almost four times larger than their former facilities.

The management team desired not only to update their equipment, but also to find a solution to enhance their production capabilities. Previously, the company had deployed a local plasma system for their cutting needs. However, this system—which took over 12 hours to fulfil an order—proved to be inefficient. The Daeyoung Sus Tech team embarked on a hunt for a cutting system that will reduce cutting time and empower them to meet future production needs.

After an extensive search, the team at Daeyoung Sus Tech found that the Hypertherm’s XPR300 plasma cutting system met all their rigorous requirements.

“We were focused on searching for a solution that would help us improve on work speed and cut quality,” says Cho Woo Je, General Manager. “After meeting with the Hypertherm customer service team we were very impressed by both the X-Definition technology and their service, so we made the XPR300 our top choice.”

Reaping the Benefits of the XPR300

The X-Definition technology offers improved cut quality on mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. Through processes like the HyFlow vortex, vented water injection, and vent-to-shield, X-Definition plasma cutting systems bring about cleaner, sharper, more consistent edge quality, and colour. With this latest technology, Hypertherm’s XPR300 cutting system allows users to enjoy increased cut speed, significant improvements in productivity, and reduced operating costs.

For Daeyoung Sus Tech, which works with stainless steel materials that range from 6mm to 100mm in thickness, finding a solution that can address their varied cutting needs while enjoying excellent cut quality was a dream fulfilled.

New features on the XPR300 system also made things easier for operators, while ensuring optimal performance and unmatched reliability. Users possess full control of functions and settings via the CNC, which is intuitive to operate and provides automatic monitoring. All these features made it easy for the team at Daeyoung Sus Tech to get accustomed to the XPR300 system quickly and to commence their production processes.


Click here to read the full version of the article in the April 2020 issue of Asia Pacific Metalworking Equipment News.


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