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EOS Launches Versatile Online Platform To Fight Further Spread Of The Virus

EOS Launches Versatile Online Platform To Fight Further Spread Of The Virus

EOS Launches Versatile Online Platform To Fight Further Spread Of The Virus

EOS has launched a versatile online platform and LinkedIn Group to support the battle against COVID-19 on all levels.

In times of crisis individuals, organisations and governments need to stand together. EOS is developing solutions and utilising their network to facilitate inspirational exchange. The team leveraged its global network of suppliers, partners, customers and the broader EOS community.

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EOS’s open platform initiative features relevant data, impactful projects, and offers valuable files free to download – ready to print. All of these are designed to support pandemic-fighting and life-saving approaches. The 3DAgainstCorona site will be updated on a regular basis.

“Improving people’s lives with the help of 3D printing has always been our aspiration. The current pandemic now calls for a joint approach, more than ever before. Today, we are asking all supporters to join us in tackling the challenges that lay ahead of us. Let’s do what our technology is enabling us for: Let’s think differently and push the boundaries of what is possible,” said Marie Langer, CEO of EOS.

During a pandemic, scalable and on-demand capabilities become key

The key goal for governments worldwide currently is to maintain adequate patient care. Those fighting COVID-19 on the frontlines are often lacking proper protection equipment due to difficulties in supplying the vast numbers needed e.g. in hospitals worldwide.

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At the same time, the challenges continue while trying to meet the immense demand for medical devices, protective clothing and masks. Federal governments are approaching both traditional and 3D printing manufacturers to support production scaling of medical equipment needed in a pandemic.

One of the most valuable benefits additive manufacturing can contribute here is that it can help to reduce the sole dependence on traditional supply chains. Based on AM, critical shortages can be more rapidly addressed. Moreover, traditional manufacturing ramp up is accelerated and further supply chain shortages can be eliminated via digital manufacturing.

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At the same time, the latter also enables a more distributed manufacturing. Data can be shared or sent across the globe and products can be 3D printed where they are most needed. Which becomes even more important during a pandemic when supply chains are disrupted by international shutdowns and transport restrictions.


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