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Image Courtesy Of ESPRIT

Image Courtesy Of ESPRIT

ESPRIT CAM Reduces Time To Program 7-AXIS Lathe

Paragon Medical – Southington’s use of ESPRIT to program its Citizen machines has yielded major time savings and enabled the company to produce the highly complex parts required for the medical, aerospace, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Paragon Medical – Southington, formerly known as Economy Spring & Stamping, is a manufacturer of precision and custom wire forms, metal stampings, coil springs, tubular components, and product assemblies. It serves the medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and industrial markets.

In order to stay competitive, the company has invested in the latest manufacturing equipment—including two Citizen 7-axis Swiss-type turning centres boasting 400-watt L2000 laser cutting systems.

Two Spindles Too Complex

Paragon Medical – Southington is known for manufacturing a wealth of complex parts, such as two concentric tubes used in the medical industry for administering fluid to incisions. The outer tube requires a 0.172-inch outer diameter and a 0.158-inch inner diameter, while the inner tube requires a 0.152-inch outer diameter and a 0.128-inch inner diameter. The front end of the inner tube is marked by several intricate shapes, including two boot shaped features precisely 180 degrees apart from each other.

To make matters more complex, the inner tubes also require drilling of 22 0.007-inch diameter injection holes in a helical pattern. There’s also a 12-inch slot in the part that is longer than the total travel of the lathe. Programmers at Paragon Medical – Southington previously programmed this and other similar parts using the machine control.

They entered many manual commands, including laser commands and commands to coordinate the operations of the two spindles. However, programmers were not sure of accuracy or collisions until they ran the programmed part for the first time. In addition, the balancing of operations between a machine’s two spindles was also difficult.

For example, programmers had no way to determine whether it was efficient to perform turning and drilling on the main spindle and perform a secondary operation on the sub-spindle at the same time. If time is money, then these decisions were undoubtedly important.


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