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Exploring Materials And Hot Air Welding Techniques

Exploring Materials And Hot Air Welding Techniques

Exploring Materials And Hot Air Welding Techniques

Gain insights from Leister experts on achieving impeccable results with hot air welding in the evolving landscape of plastic tubes, including eco-friendly options. This article explains how this process is an ideal choice for various materials in tube manufacturing for reliability, quality, and sustainability.

Leister, the top player in welding equipment observed cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries rely on plastic tubes for packaging. Simultaneously, the demand for environmentally-friendly and recyclable materials is growing.

This is why more monomaterial plastics are being developed and used to manufacture monomaterial tubes or coated cardboard tubes. Despite these new and more sustainable materials, tubes need to offer sufficient protection and durability for the product held within.

The material price should also be under control. In addition, tubes made of new materials should perform in the same way as standard plastic tubes during processing, filling and welding.

Manufacturers of tube filling and welding machines use a range of technologies to seal and weld filled tubes. Each process comes with its own pros and cons depending on tube material, machine capacity and machine design.

Filling and welding machine operators require a welding process which offers process reliability, achieves consistent high weld seam
quality and corresponds to machine capacity. Purchase and operating costs of filling and welding machines should also be kept under control.

To reach these objectives, machine operators need to select the machine design which is right for them. Leister has just the answers to these challenges.


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