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Faccin's Insights On Choosing The Right Rolling Technology

Faccin’s Insights On Choosing The Right Rolling Technology

Faccin details the keys to collaborating with the right partner — for the machine quality, efficiency it offers, as well as the long tool life for plate rolling.

Plate rolling machines are one of the most versatile equipment in the metal forming industry. They can be used to roll metal cans and cones to manufacture parts and components for a large variety of sectors, which allows maximising return on investment (ROI) to the fabricating shop easily.

Choosing the right partner is key to a successful operation, machines must be built with top of the range materials and components, where special attention to the machine structure is key. This will prevent not only malfunctions but also will reduce the minimum machine downtime.

Faccin Group’s plate rolling machines have an average life span of more than 25 years with proper use and maintenance.

An Insight On Plate Rolling Equipment

The plate rolls are made with two, three or four bending rolls. The pyramid-type plate rolls, with three or four rolls, are divided into two separate categories for cost and performance: bending rolls with planetary guides and bending rolls with linear guides.

The planetary guides are appreciated for their lower cost and the linear guides are preferred because they guarantee a shorter distance between the bending rolls and therefore rolling precision. The 4-roll plate bending machines, with linear or planetary guides, guarantee greater productivity and are easier to use as well as being the only ones that can effectively be automated with numeric controls.

The four roll plate rolls are the ideal solution for mass production, high volumes, repetitive production in an automatic cycle. They are fast and precise, and are normally used to produce wind towers, truck tanks, HVAC components, and the like.


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