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Fagor Arrasate Participates In The Development Of Smart Shears For HSS

Fagor Arrasate Participates In The Development Of Smart Shears For HSS

Fagor Arrasate Participates In The Development Of Smart Shears For HSS

Fagor Arrasate, specialist in the design of forming and cutting lines, takes part in a European investigation project to design smart shears for high-strength steel (HSS) with a predictive system which warns about cutting tool deterioration.

The project, called IntellCutProcess, will analyse the various parameters that are involved during the cutting process, such as cutting strength, the die looseness or separation, or the cutting angle. The data obtained will allow for the optimisation of the cutting tool regarding aspects such as the material used and the protective coating.

The shear will be equipped with sensors which will measure the different cutting quality indicators, such as the burr height and the cutting area profile. With this information, the system will be able to monitor the cutting tool’s degradation state, so as to uphold the highest quality and cutting precision. In addition, the predictive system will make it possible to plan the required interventions with scheduled production downtimes, which increases the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness.)

In order to validate the results of the research, a fully sensorised shear prototype for the cutting of heavy thickness metal sheet will be built first. Afterwards, the new equipment will be installed in an actual operational cutting line.

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