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Faro Offers New Capabilities With CAM2 2020 Software

Faro Offers New Capabilities With CAM2 2020 Software

FARO Offers New Capabilities With CAM2 2020 Software

FARO Technologies Incorporated has released its latest CAM2 2020 Software. The release includes a variety of performance and user interface improvements, new features and a new subscription licensing option. Users can now achieve greater control over their full manufacturing process at a lower up-front cost in this latest iteration of the metrology software platform.

The new subscription model empowers users to benefit from CAM2 with a lower initial investment. It offers scalability through a flexible licensing model and ensures users always have access to the latest and most up to date version of CAM2.

“FARO CAM2 is a powerful, intuitive and application-focused 3D measurement platform designed to help users efficiently fulfil their quality assurance and inspection tasks. We’re pleased to offer a software experience developed directly from our customers’ feedback, based on the metrology needs they encounter every day,” said Michael Carris, Vice President of Product Marketing. “What’s more, this release strengthens the relationship between quality assurance and production operations with new capabilities that ensure even greater process control.”

FARO CAM2 2020 is helping users get the most from their manufacturing processes, with an intuitive, streamlined and application-focused platform. Through a continuous improvement process, user feedback and requirements are continually collected, integrated and deployed. FARO CAM2 2020 is the culmination of these efforts, which lead to a variety of new features, including an enhanced measurement experience and an updated statistical process control tool that assists users in identifying production data trends that may indicate when a process is moving out of a specified parameter. Being able to predict this kind of error reduces wasted time, scrap and rework, and helps keep production capacity at full strength. As part of an established line-up of smart features, this release represents a fully realised solution for the everyday production tasks of the customer.


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