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Stainless Steel For E-scooter by Stilride

Stainless Steel For Sustainable Machines

Susan Trast explains how one innovative company is using a new technique to create durable e-scooter frames.

Lack of experienced talent in Sheet Metal working Australia - news

Struggling Industries’ Bid To Hire Young Talent To Fill Jobs With $80k Salaries

There is a critical shortage of these jobs offering a salary of $80,000. And it could be “catastrophic consequences” for Australia. From health care to trades, a number of pivotal careers are barely holding onto their staff as an employee…

Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine Planned for Rivian’s Normal Plant To Deliver Vehicles Charged With On-Site Renewables

The planned site for the 2.8-megawatt turbine is inside the vehicle test track on the east side of Rivian’s manufacturing campus.

(Source: Salvagnini)

Salvagnini’s All-In-One Production System

The introduction of the line led to the adoption of just-in-time logic, improving efficiency in the use of the material and reducing production time by around 70 percent.

Manufacturers are taking varied design approaches to tomorrow’s electrified aircraft, like Airbus Group’s Airbus E-Fan prototype.

Navigating The Future Of Aerospace With Sandvik Coromant

Projections estimate the industry will be back to where it was, pre-crisis, within the next two to three years. For decades, aerospace has been an industry characterised by growth. There have been crises over the years, but never one so…

BOLDRINI Dishing Press PAO Series

FACCIN Group In 2022

Responses attributed to Javier Lanfranchi, Senior Sales Manager & Head of Strategic Marketing.

Image Courtesy Of DAVI

The Oil & Gas Industry Favours DAVI Plate Rolls

The new design of DAVI’s 4-roll, makes the machines sturdier, stronger, more rigid and more compact. An offshore platform is defined as a steel tubular structure with tight diameters, such as jacket, monopile and tripods. In recent years, DAVI R&D…

Photo Courtesy Of TRUMPF

An Electromobility Future With Trumpf Laser Technologies

Business with the electromobility sector is extremely buoyant at TRUMPF right now, with the company supplying laser systems to all major battery manufacturers.

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