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Fictiv intelligent model pricing. Image via Fictiv.

Fictiv intelligent model pricing. Image via Fictiv.

Fictiv Raises $100 Million In Funding For On-Demand Manufacturing

Fictiv, a leader in high-quality, on-demand manufacturing, has announced the closing of a $100 million Series E funding round. The investment will advance Fictiv’s mission to accelerate product innovation with an expanded focus on decreasing supply chain risk through its best-in-category technology and product experience. This unique combination of benefits helps Fictiv’s customers tackle both the continuous, competitive pressures to innovate faster and address the relentless, daily supply chain disruptions.

The Series E funding round brings the total investment in Fictiv to $192 million since its founding in 2013.

“We’re grateful for this outstanding support from our investment partners,” said Dave Evans, CEO of Fictiv. “We plan to leverage this new capital to accelerate our investment in our customers’ top challenges, particularly time to market for new products and supply chain risk and geographic resilience, through increased collaboration across organizations with reliable, transparent sourcing workflows.”

To date, Fictiv has led the movement to virtualize complex manufacturing workflows, delivering over 19 million mechanical parts to more than 3,000 product companies. The company’s unmatched production speed, quality, and agility provides customers with peace of mind in this highly volatile environment.

As supply chain issues persist and force factory shutdowns across the globe, Fictiv customers have realized over 40% accelerated cycle times, over 20% greater engineering productivity, and significant reduction in operational costs associated with managing an overly inflated, fragmented supply chain.

“Fictiv has been a great additional resource for our business,” said Sean Williams, general manager at RBC Bearings. “We started working with Fictiv in September 2021 and since then have been impressed with their level of service and technical expertise, as well as the quality of product we receive. In our business, every second counts, and Fictiv has helped streamline our MRO ordering process by reducing quoting time from seven days to seconds or minutes, and lead times on these products down from weeks to days. This type of speed delivers real value to our factories.”

Fictiv has grown exponentially since its founding as the demand for cloud-based, virtualized manufacturing continues to skyrocket. In 2021, Fictiv saw 100% year-over-year growth in core business revenue and an 81% growth in employees.

“Fictiv has differentiated itself as an innovative digital manufacturing solution that provides not only unprecedented speed, but also scalable partnerships that deliver an immediate ROI and end-to-end business value,” said David Lincoln, managing partner, Activate Capital. “We believe Fictiv is the category leader transforming how companies like Honeywell gain unmatched productivity, efficiency, and enterprise scalability through digitized workflows that dramatically change the speed and quality of manufacturing in markets such as energy, healthcare, space, and transportation.”

Fictiv’s manufacturing services are accessible on-demand through a cloud-based platform to solve customer challenges across new product development, engineer-to-order parts, and maintenance, repair, and operations.

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