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Fine-Tuning Production With Behringer Saw Inc

Fine-Tuning Production With Behringer Saws Inc

Behringer Saws Inc’s Alllie Klipp shares with APMEN how their new high-speed saw assisted a guitar accessories manufacturer cut through a production backlog. APMEN learns more.

A capotasto, better known as a capo, is a small device designed to quickly change the pitch of a stringed instrument. Used by virtually every musician, from famous touring professionals to campfire players, a capo is an essential tool for every kit.

Kyser Musical Products, founded in 1980 by Milton Kyser, has made a name for itself as the worldwide leader in capo manufacturing. Kyser has distributed its products into the hands of many well-known musicians.

From George Strait and Katy Perry to John Mayer and Bon Jovi, Kyser capos are a staple for guitarists, bassists, banjoists and other musicians. Handmade in the United States, every capo starts as two cross-sectional aluminum extrusions, each with a different profile.

The extrusions are sliced into narrow pieces, which are joined together to make the final clamp like product. When David McClung, Director of Safety and Maintenance at Kyser Musical Products, realised production was not keeping up with demand, it became apparent that the sawing equipment just was not cutting it.

The company’s existing machine was delivering less than 50 percent of required volumes; the saw simply was not fast, accurate or consistent enough to get the job done.


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