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First-class Surface Finish with Hydrostatic Motor Grinding Spindle Bearings

Hydrostatic motor grinding spindle from Hyprostatik for producing mirror finish surfaces.

First-class Surface Finish with Hydrostatic Motor Grinding Spindle Bearings

Hydrostatic machine tool components help improve machining quality, ensure higher availability, and provide longer working life. Article by Maren Röding, for Hyprostatik Schönfeld GmbH.

Ultra-precise surfaces require high precision grinding spindles.

In order to get the best surface finish, the machine tool components, such as spindles, gears, hydraulic control valves, roller bearing parts and other high precision components, all need to work perfectly. If ultra-precise surfaces with a mirror finish are required, the machines must also be equipped with specialised tools.

Specialised Tools for Ultra-precise Surfaces

When procuring new machine tools, the purchase price and the long-term usability are often crucial. There are the minimum standards, in which machining quality, availability and the working life of the machine are not a focus.

However, ultra-precise surfaces cannot be achieved with the basic equipment. Specialised machining components, such as hydrostatic motor grinding spindles and part spindles, must be retrofitted or the task outsourced.

Best Surfaces with High Concentricity

When grinding, the best surface finishes are achieved if the tips of the abrasive particles rotate in an absolutely true circle both while dressing and while grinding.

To achieve this, a concentricity in the region of 0.1 µm, with high rigidity, perfect balancing and excellent damping, are required. This performance cannot be achieved with conventional roller bearing spindles, whose concentricity error varies over a range of 2 to 5 µm; in rare cases, 1 µm. Furthermore, these are damped to only a limited degree. As the period of use increases, the quality of the concentricity of conventional roller bearing spindles clearly deteriorates.

With hydrostatic high precision motor grinding spindles from Hyprostatik Schönfeld GmbH, concentricities <0.1 µm over the entire range of speed are guaranteed.

For this, hydrostatic spindle bearings have damping some 100 times greater than spindles in roller bearings. To achieve optimised damping parameters, Hyprostatik Schönfeld works with proprietary software.

Finely Balanced Spindle Bearings

The spindle bearings are very finely balanced, with a balancing quality of G 0.1. The lowest balancing quality according to DIN ISO 1940 is G 0.4.

In addition, as the spindle suspension is not damped, the radial flexibility is very low, which means the optimal damping of the hydrostatic bearings has maximum effect. 

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