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FORTiS Enclosed Encoder Enhances Grinding Precision And Performance

Mr Ranganatha, Director of Tool Grinding Technologies Inc.

FORTiS Enclosed Encoder Enhances Grinding Precision And Performance

After testing and evaluation, TGT selected Renishaw’s FORTiS enclosed encoders for its latest series of tool grinding machines. The ease of installation and other leading-edge features of the FORTiS encoder system enable TGT to optimise its machines’ performance.

Rule Of Thumb

Many factors affect the machining accuracy of a CNC machine tool, including machine mechanics, control electronics, machine rigidity, thermal stability and geometric accuracy of the cutting tool. Small cutting tools require precision grinding to ensure accurate tool geometries.

Precision tool grinding is a machining-based production process that uses abrasives to obtain the required geometry and dimensional tolerances for a cutting tool. Demand in India for precision machining has hugely increased, such that India’s machine tool market is now one of the fastest growing in the world.

To seize this opportunity and meet the increasing demand, India-based company, Tool Grinding Technologies Inc. (TGT), has developed a range of precision tool grinding machines equipped with linear motors and Renishaw’s FORTiS enclosed absolute position encoders, which help to improve machining accuracy and process stability.

Constant Challenge

Linear motor technology has matured in recent years and became important in industrial applications. Modern linear motor designs have achieved significant improvements in heat dissipation, thrust and cost.

Automation systems and CNC machines, such as precision grinding machines, increasingly use linear motors in place of traditional ball screws. The precision and accuracy of a linear motor servo is heavily influenced by the quality of the linear position feedback from the encoder.

Sub-Divisional Error (the measurement error within one signal period) is a critical specification for smooth velocity control, which, as tool grinding machine manufacturers know, is important for surface finish quality. Low positional jitter allows optimisation of servo loop gain.


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