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GEORG: Cost-Efficient Lamination Cutting And Stacking

GEORG: Cost-Efficient Lamination Cutting And Stacking

GEORG: Cost-Efficient Lamination Cutting And Stacking

Machines of GEORG’s “precisioncut robotline” series cut and stack transformer cores by means of a robot in a fully automatic process. The machines can produce complete closed and open cores, with or without top yoke. Available in different sizes and configurations, the machine series covers the full range of distribution transformers from 100 kVA to 10 MVA and up to 2,000 mm center length.

The new “GEORG precisioncut TBA 300 robotline”, which GEORG is going to present for the first time at the trade fairs in Dubai and Chicago, is designed for the cutting of laminations of up to 300 mm width and up to 1,250 mm or 1,700 mm length. The machine’s “bigger brother” – GEORG precisioncut TBA400 robotline – is already been successfully in operation at leading transformer core manufacturers for the cutting of laminations up to 440 mm wide and up to 2,000 mm long.

Alexander Tschoeltsch, Head of Sales at GEORG’s Transformer Lines division, sees new perspectives for manufacturers of distribution transformers who still use separate cutting machines and manual lamination stacking processes. “While stacking with the same high precision as the TBA400 model, the new TBA300 robotline is a lower-cost, high-efficiency variant for the cutting and stacking of smaller-width laminations. As both operations – cutting and stacking – are combined within one unit, robotline machines operate with short cycle times, generating a correspondingly high output. Another important aspect is that a robot’s performance is always the same – it works with the same high precision and speed day in, day out.”

Like all the other GEORG TBA machines, the new TBA300 robotline can operate within different digital set-ups and integrates perfectly with Industry 4.0 environments, enabling highest degrees of automation in connection with supporting logistics solutions, such as the automatic transport of the coils and the finished cores by means of autonomously operating transport platforms.

Tschoeltsch adds: “Today we are not only machine manufacturer. Beyond that, we work closely with the users of our machines in optimising their complete process chains in order to achieve maximum profitability for our customers – our partners.”


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