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German Machine Tool Companies Collaborate IIoT Solutions Platform

Durr Global German Machine Tool Companies Collaborate IIoT Solutions Platform

German Machine Tool Companies Collaborate IIoT Solutions Platform

Germany: The joint venture between machine tool providers such as DMG Mori, Dürr, Software AG, Zeiss and ASM Pacific Technology—called ADAptive Manufacturing Open Solutions (ADAMOS)—has enabled the manufacturers to form a strategic alliance in the area Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). 

The IIoT Solutions Platform multi-sector collaboration between the industrial and software companies aims to establish ADAMOS as global standard for the industry and increase its membership of machine builders to become partners to facilitate the sharing of industry knowledge. The platform will be launched in October 2017.

“Regarding digitisation the machine and plant building industry has to set its own standards and drive development. This can only work with strong partners. That is why we are offering an open network with ADAMOS together with leading machine building, production, and software/IT know-how—from machine builders for machine builders, their suppliers and customers,” said Christian Thönes, chief executive officer, DMG Mori.

ADAMOS was set up to help machine and plant builders as well as their customers. The open IIoT Solutions Platform brings together the latest IT technology and industry knowledge and enables engineering companies to share tried and tested solutions for digitally networked production to their customers. Customers can identify maintenance requirements at an early stage, for instance, and can plan production or can source spare parts automatically.

Machine tool builders as well as their suppliers and customers can benefit from the platform as it is a service that offers data autonomy and access to leading software solutions.

Two important drivers of growth and productivity for machine building are Industry 4.0 and the IIoT. The race to gain data sovereignty demands a fast pace of innovation and the Internet of Things requires a high level of investment, skilled specialists and the command of new technologies.

With the IIoT platform, there is no dependency on external software providers. Machine building customers obtain machines and IIoT and software solutions from the same source and have sovereignty over their data. This secures the leading position of machine-building companies in the digital era. It also offers a digital portfolio with applications specific to machine building as well as domain- and industry-specific applications.

The online platform can also be accessed on the mobile ADAMOS App Factory; it focusses on the technological know-how and the industry knowledge of the partners for quick and joint development of applications. More comprehensive applications regarding the topics of predictive maintenance, machine cockpit/dashboarding and maintaining assistance will be available in the cloud from the beginning of 2018.

APMEN News, Oct 2017


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