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Getting The Best Out Of Your Press Equipment Via Preventive Maintenance

Getting The Best Out Of Your Press Equipment Via Preventive Maintenance

Press equipment are highly durable; it can remain in service for over 30 years with proper maintenance. While it involves inspecting the machine’s condition and maintaining its original performance through servicing, preventive maintenance offers much more benefits for the machine shop.

Early detection of potential malfunctions through inspection and making adjustments or repairs can prevent sudden stoppages of press equipment and minimise the impact on production. Additionally, planned inspections before signs of failure and replacing equipment before it reaches the end of lifespan can ensure stable and long-term operation. This is known as preventive maintenance.

Why Preventive Maintenance?

The press maintenance, including preventive maintenance, is always included in the press machine’s manual. It explains daily, monthly, and yearly inspections, including specific voluntary inspections.

However, these instructions are based on general usage conditions, so they often only include the necessary minimum items. To take the first step in preventive maintenance, companies should create inspection checklists based on their specific work conditions and environment, taking into account equipment’s unique circumstances.

The checklist should include specific inspection items based on press equipment malfunction history, enabling the checklist to maximise
the effectiveness of preventive maintenance.

Press machines are often used for extended periods and are structurally susceptible to overloading (Crank mechanism can theoretically generate an infinite force at the bottom dead center). Additionally, they are subjected to significant shock and vibration during operation, making them extremely rugged equipment used in challenging environments.


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