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In a search for a better solution to improve its production processes, Gi Li Steel found a cutting system that proves to be the answers

Gi Li Steel Enhances Capabilities with Definition Plasma System

Gi Li Steel Enhances Capabilities with Definition Plasma System

In a search for a better solution to improve its production processes, Gi Li Steel found a cutting system that proves to be the answers to the company’s strict requirements. A case study by Hypertherm.

BODYTechnological advancement is changing the manufacturing industry, bringing along challenges that businesses need to overcome. Maximising productivity while improving cost efficiency is key for businesses seeking to thrive in today’s business environment. In fact, some companies take it one step further by looking into retaining its competitive edge for the long-term by looking into solutions that offers automation on top of productivity and profitability. One such company is Gi Li Steel, which prides itself on the conscious effort it takes to enhance its production capabilities and to serve its customers better.

Based in Sanchong City, Taiwan, Gi Li Steel was established in 1978 and has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing parts for machinery and welding products. The company’s solid reputation in the steel processing industry is attributed to its core value, ‘Quality first, Credit first, Customer first’ and the way it is constantly looking to improve their products and services.

Finding the Perfect Solution to Elevate Product Quality

In the past, oxyfuel cutting technology and other plasma systems were used to cut metal sheets. Due to the limitations of these cutting processes, the production team had to carry out several follow-up procedures to inspect and refine the products in order to meet Gi Li Steel’s stringent quality requirements. This resulted in additional costs and time required for production.

True to the company’s core values, Gi Li Steel embarked on a search for a better solution to improve its production processes, enhance the quality of its products, and retain the trust of its customers. After an extensive search, Hypertherm’s XPR300 plasma cutting system proved to be the answer to the company’s requirements.

Chen Chien Yu, Factory Manager at Gi Li Steel, explained, “Once we had a better understanding of the functionalities of Hypertherm’s XPR300, we realised the XPR300 is the perfect solution to address Gi Li Steel’s current and future business needs. Not only will it help our company to improve the quality of our products, it will also provide us with the boost we need to overcome our competition.”

Featuring the latest X-Definition plasma technology which improves the cutting system’s ability to tackle high-precision applications, the XPR300 surpasses the expectations of modern plasma cutting systems to produce high-quality cuts in the most cost-efficient manner on a myriad of metal types and thicknesses. These advanced features of the XPR300 system addressed the company’s requirements of a cutting solution that could handle a variety of plate thickness at a dimensional tolerance of 1mm and angularity tolerance of 0.5mm. Additionally, the system boasts of the True Hole technology that provides Gi Li Steel with the ability to easily fabricate small round holes with good cross-section quality.

Reaping the Benefits of X-Definition Technology

With the new XPR300 plasma cutting system, the company can now automate production processes which translates to an increase in its capacity by almost twice and a 50 percent reduction in production time on various tasks.

The adoption of the XPR300 allowed Gi Li Steel to save on materials and consumables, as well as improve on cut quality and precision. In addition, it also allowed the company to undertake projects in new areas, such as construction and landscape engineering, further expanding its business portfolio.

The improved features offer augmented consumable life, and reduces production times and wastage in materials — allowing the company to achieve significant cost-savings. As such, Gi Li Steel was able to differentiate itself from its competitors while saving internal costs.

Mr. Chen concludes, “We look forward to satisfying our customers with more consistent and quality products. And we’ll definitely recommend the X-Definition plasma cutting systems to others looking for a cutting solution that provides improved cut quality, cut speed, and system run time.”


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