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Haimer: Microset VIO Linear with RFID System

Haimer: Microset VIO Linear with RFID System

Haimer: Microset Tool Presetters

Our new HAIMER Microset Tool Presetters: The measure of import instrumentation streamlines your tool setting processes, reducing founded times by the maximum amount as seventieth, thereby minimizing idle time and increasing machine utilization. Some key differentiators that actually set our machines except for the remainder are:

Optimize method dependability in your production with absolutely automatic measure capabilities. The open device platform permits for the combination of each new and existing production processes. most stability and preciseness The FEM-optimized, thermally stable forged iron construction of the VIO linear series ensures correct measurement results and instrumentation longevity. to boot, extremely dynamic, wear-free linear drives guarantee correct semipermanent quality. The parallel drive and system ensures best distribution of forces and guarantees ±2 μm measure repeatability.

Leader in innovation:
– Fully automatic measuring cycles for maximum operating convenience
– High quality components from Heidenhain, Bosch Rexroth
– Fast linear drive technology and highly accurate positioning
– User-friendly operating panel ensures ultimate flexibility
– High power software Microvision VIO
–  High rigidity ensures low distortion even at the maximum permissible load
–  FEM-optimized and thermally stable cast iron construction
–  Maximum tool weight 352 lbs (160 kg)
–  Fast, silent and highly accurate cutting edge approach via unique linear drive
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